A Look Back on the Paola Fire Department

Organized in 1871 the PFD started service with over 50 volunteer firefighters and met the first Saturday of every month. The council was asked for funds for a hose wagon and fire hose.

Ethel Hunt’s “History of Paola, Kansas” tells that the fire wagon was horse drawn and firemen all put on red shirts before going to a fire. Water was pumped from nearby wells.

1874 a Disastrous Fire ripped through the St. Charles Hotel and Union Block. Considered at the time the worst fire in the City’s history. A large number of Business Rooms were destroyed with an estimated $75,000 loss.

Over our 135 year history of service the Citizen Volunteers of the PFD have been on the ready, twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

1918 Fire

The Peiker & Scheer Fire 1918

Old City Hall Fire House

The Old City Hall Fire House

Paola Fire Dept

Firemen in Gear

Paola Fire Dept Volunteers

Paola Fire Dept Volunteers