Residential Accessory Structures

Getting Started

A building permit is required for most accessory buildings and structures, such as detached garages, carports, sheds, and stables.

Building permit applications are available at Paola City Hall, 19 E. Peoria, or call 913-259-3611 and an application will be mailed to you.

Building Permit Requirements

A site plan or survey including:
  • Building material information
  • Construction drawings and details, as required
  • Dimensions and materials of the fence
  • Distances from fence and property lines
  • Existing or proposed structures and distances to property lines
  • Locations of easements or rights-of-way
  • Property address
  • Property dimensions

Detached Garages

In addition to the setback requirements described in General Requirements, detached garages must meet the following standards:
  • The combined square footage of the principal structure, detached garage, and any storage or utility sheds, shall not exceed the maximum building coverage provided in the Paola Land Development Ordinance (contact City Planner). Where no maximum building coverage is provided, the combined structures shall not cover more than 70% of the lot area.
  • The structure is used only for residential, non-commercial storage of vehicles and household items.


The permit fee is due when the permit is issued.

General Regulations

  • Except as provided in the following sections (Detached Garages, Storage or Utility Sheds, or Private Stables), no freestanding structure shall exceed thirty (30) percent of the floor area of the principle structure.
  • For multi-family or attached housing, where freestanding structure must be accessible from private roads and fire lanes, their location shall be approved in the site plan review process to ensure essential access is safe and the structures do not create a nuisance to adjoining properties.
  • Freestanding accessory structures shall not be located in the front of the principle structure or within the front or side yards.
  • Freestanding structures may be located in the rear yard provided:
    • Anything greater than three acres – contact City Staff
    • A single-family lot between 10,000 square feet and one acre shall have a setback from the rear and side property lines of at least 10 feet.
    • A single-family lot less than 10,000 square feet shall have a setback from the rear and side property lines of at least five feet. For lot-line and village house types, the Planning Commission may waive the side yard setback.
    • A single-family lot of one acre or more shall have a setback from the rear and side property lines of at least 25 feet.


  • Electrical (if applicable)
  • Final Inspection upon completion of construction
  • Footing / Foundation
  • Plumbing (if applicable)
  • Rough-In
Call (913) 259-3611 to schedule an appointment. Please have permit number available.


The permit fee will be doubled if any work commences without first obtaining a permit.

Permit Expiration

A permit becomes null and void if work or construction authorized is not commenced within 180 days, or if construction or work is suspended for a period of 180 days at any time after work or construction is commenced. Permits shall be renewed annually. If a permit is null and void or expired, a new permit application and fee are required.

Private Stables

Stables are permitted on lots over three acres, in equestrian subdivisions, and on lots of record existing before adoption of the Paola Land Development Ordinance which legally had stables located on them. In addition to the setback requirements described in General Requirements, stables must meet the following standards:
  • Stables shall not exceed 3500 square feet. Larger stables may be permitted as a conditional use of the property.
  • Stables shall have a setback of 100 feet from property lines. No corral or riding area shall be permitted within 25 feet of a property line, except that a trail may connect to an off-lot riding trail.
  • The stable shall be for the owner’s private use only. Boarding of horses owned by others shall not be permitted (such use is a commercial use).

Storage or Utility Sheds

In addition to the setback requirements described in General Requirements, storage or utility sheds must meet the following standards:
  • All storage and utility sheds shall be unheated and may be used for residential, non-commercial storage only.
  • The building’s total area does not count toward building floor area; however, it shall not exceed 120 square feet on lots of 10,000 square feet or less or 240 square feet on lots over 10,000 square feet.
Larger sheds shall be permitted only with the approval of the Paola Planning Commission.

Subdivisions having more than four lots backing on a street shall have a covenant indicated the restrictions on storage building design and placement. Subdivisions in which all lots exceed 10 acres shall be excluded.

Please Note

The City of Paola does not review plans for compliance to additional regulations that may be required by the subdivision’s homeowners association or deeds and covenants.